Are You A Solution Oriented Person Like Doraemon


During my age of 7 years old I used to watch Doraemon cartoon and let me give you a brief idea of what is Daraemon cartoon it's all about. The stories are formulaic, usually focused on the everyday struggles of fourth grader Nobita, the protagonist of the story. In a typical chapter, Nobita comes home crying about a problem he faces in school and/or the local neighborhood. After hearing him out, Doraemon always offers helpful solution to his problem(s), and finally the problem solved.


Everyday we face different types of challenges but the question is "Are we giving solution to our day to day challenges like Doraemon" and every challenges there is a solution as I strongly believe If one door closes, there is always another waiting to be open.

I am going to share with you 4 powerful steps to be a solution oriented person.


Step 1 – Refuse to Give Up

Think about a challenge which you have given up to get the solution. Now it’s never too late, have the determination attitude not to give up until you get the solution.


Step 2 – Rethink Your Thinking

Set aside dedicated time with key team mates to work on the challenges. Make it a prime think time, not the leftover time when you’re tired or distracted.


Step 3 – Rethink Your Strategy

Brainstorm the ideas and redefine the challenges. Generate fresh ideas and approaches the challenges. THINK OUT OF THE BOX


Step 4 – Rethink Your Process

If you do solve the problem, then repeat the process with another problem. If you are unable to solve the problem then go back to your Rethink Your Strategy and brainstorm it.

Remember your goal is to cultivate the Solution Oriented Attitude.


Wishing You A Great Solution Oriented Week!!!